41AM, Stockholm, Sweden, August 18-21, 2014

Abstract Submission

The nominal abstract submission is closed. If you are interested in submitting a late abstract, please contact gumbelmisu.su.se.


Abstracts submitted so far:

Abrahamsson et al., Measurement Opportunities by means of SSC Global Facilities and Services

Achtert et al., Assessing lidar-based classification schemes for Polar Stratospheric Clouds based on 16 years of measurements at Esrange, Sweden (invited)

Aso et al., Auroral CT evolution to Generalized ACT for ALIS-EISCAT multi-instrument study (withdrawn)

Belakhovsky et al., The simultaneous Pc5 pulsations in geomagnetic field, auroral intensity, cosmic noise absorption, and energetic particle fluxes in the magnetosphere (withdrawn)

Brändström et al., 20 years of multi-static optical observations with ALIS (invited)

Brändström et al., Report from the intercalibration workshops 2011-2013

Cachorro et al., Climatology and interannual variability of desert dust outbreaks over north-central Spain between 2003 and 2012

Clemmons et al., A global upper atmosphere observatory using of lidar on the International Space Station

Conde, Ground-based imaging of winds (invited)

Dahlgren et al., High resolution observations of structuring and temporal variability in dual-frequency pulsating aurora

Enell et al., EISCAT data search and retrieval for combined optical-radar observations of the ionosphere

Enell et al., The EISCAT-MIRACLE-ALIS radar, optical and HF heating campaigns in February-March 2014

Frey, Current state and potential future developments in auroral and airglow imaging (invited)

Gil Ojeda et al., NO2 seasonal evolution in the background free troposphere from MAXDOAS measurements

Gumbel et al., Mesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy (MATS): a satellite mission on structures and waves

Hedin et al., Oxygen Species and Thermospheric Airglow in The Earth's Sky (O-STATES): A Rocket Project on the O2 Atmospheric Band

Höffner, New developments on resonance lidars (invited)

Ivchenko, Small Explorer for Advanced Missions

Janches et al., Development of a Sodium Lidar for Space-borne Missions (withdrawn)

Kahnert, Light scattering on non-spherical particles (invited)

Kaifler, The ALIMA "all atmosphere" lidar (invited)

Kosch et al., Estimating the field-aligned topside ionospheric anomalous electric field and resistivity at EISCAT

Kozlovsky, On the VHF radar echoes from midnight aurora

Laizans, Calibration and characterization of optical instrumentation in Tartu Observatory

Lanchester, From optical emissions to auroral acceleration using a combination of different models (invited)

Llewellyn et al., Atomic Oxygen quenching of the OH (v = 8 and 9) levels

Mann, EISCAT_3D: A new atmospheric research radar for the Scandinavian Arctic (invited)

Martyshenko et al., An analysis of sensitivity of the inverse problem on retrieval of the altitude profiles of atomic oxygen and ozone from emission intensities of the molecular oxygen

Mateos et al., Aerosol load at the surface in the Iberian Peninsula during the last 25 years

Mateos et al., Proposal of a method to separate the shortwave radiative effects of clouds and aerosols

Roldugin et al., The electron and proton precipitation in Scandinavian sector during SC on 24 January 2012

Roth, Aurora phenomena in the Jupiter system (invited)

Sakanoi et al., Characteristics of optical aurora and precipitating particles observed from space and the ground: Small-scale aurora and auroral polarization (invited)

Sakanoi et al., Concentric gravity waves observed with IMAP/VISI on the international space statio

Sandhya et al., Formation and maintenance of lower stratospheric cirrus over tropics: Possible link with Kelud volcanic eruption

Schlatter et al., Radar Imaging of Anomalous Radar Echoes in Conjunction with High Resolution Optical Observations of Aurora

Sergienko et al., Tomography-like reconstruction of spatial distribution of the radio induced optical emissions (RIOE) at different wave lengths

Sheese et al., Temperature remote sensing using the O2 Atmospheric Band (invited)

Sigernes et al., Color matching the aurora

Slanger et al., CESAR, The Compact Echelle Spectrograph (invited)

Taylor et al., Non-Stop High-Resolution Imaging Studies of Mesospheric Gravity Waves at South Pole and First Imaging Results from the DEEPWAVE Mission

Tsuda et al., Study on sodium atom layer variation induced by auroral particle precipitations

Tsuda et al., Recent report on lidar observations at Syowa Station (69S, 39E) in the Antarctic

Ugolnikov et al., All-Sky Twilight Polarization Measurements: Mesosphere Boltzmann Temperatures and Meteoric Dust Detection

Whiter et al., Using all-sky cameras to produce maps of electron precipitation over Lapland

Yankovsky et al., Development of the daytime model of electronic-vibrational kinetics for excited products of photodissociation of O2 and O3 in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (invited)