41AM, Stockholm, Sweden, August 18-21, 2014

Download detailed instructions for local travel as a pdf-file.

Meeting Place

The 41AM will take place on the Island of Dalarö in the Stockholm Achipelago. We will stay at Smådalarö Gård Conference Center, about 45 km from downtown Stockholm.

The conference center provides us with all we need: accomodation, meals, meeting facilities and a lot to do in addition to science. The Stockholm Archipelago is a perfect scenary for the workshop, which we hope to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Local highlights include the shoreline and the beach, trails to the surrounding nature and nearby villages, lots of space for discussion and recreation.


Please download our detailed travel instructions as pdf-file. Stockholm can easily be reached by major international airlines to Stockholm Arlanda airport. Low-budget Europeans flights are also available to Skavsta Airport. From the continent, Stockholm can also be reached by train from Berlin (via Malmö) or from Hamburg (via Copenhagen.)

From the airports and the train station, you can get to the conference center by public transportation (less expensive and less comfortable) or by taxi (more comfortable and more expensive). Check our travel instructions for more details.

Special wishes

Please let us know if you have special wishes concerning food, support or anything else.

Day by Day

The nominal arrival time is Sunday afternoon. We will start with a welcome reception and dinner on Sunday evening.

We will spend four days at the conference center, which will give us a lot of time for discussions and new ideas. Breakfast will be served at 7:00 to 9:00, and lunch at 12:30. There will be coffee breaks during the scientific sessions. We will finish the official part of the day with joined dinners starting at 19:00. After dinner, drinks and other refreshments can be purchased at the bar ubtil midnight.

In order to get most of the Achipelago, we plan a boat trip on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday evening, there will be a conference dinner.

The nominal departure time is Thursday afternoon. It will be possible to book an additional night at the conference hotel and stay until Friday

Touristic activities

For accompanying persons, the Conference Center and its surroundings provide lots of opportunities for touristic activities. You can get to downtown Stockholm by public transportation (about 90 minutes) or by car (about 45 minutes).

Another popular activity is boat trips to other islands of the Achipelago. We will provide more information about possible trips once boat timetables for the summer season have become available.

As opposed to accompanying persons, ordinary 41AM participants will not really have time to go to Stockholm during the meeting days. Still, you may not want to miss the opportunity to spend some time in this great summer town. It may be a good idea to plan for some extra days in Stockholm before or after the meeting.

For accomondation in the Stockholm area, please check general hotel websites. Be aware that finding hotel rooms on a short notice can be a challenge during the Stockholm summer.