41AM, Stockholm, Sweden, August 18-21, 2014

The Stockholm Summer

The 41AM will take place during the Swedish summer. This may be a perfect opportunity for you to come to Stockholm for longer than only for the workshop.

For those that wish to explore the city of Stockholm and its surroundings on their own or with their families, there is a lot to do and to discover. A good starting point may be the official tourist sites Stockholm Visitors Board and Visit Sweden. Information is also available from general travel sites like lonely planet.

Popular activities include long walks through the various quarters of Stockholm, and among the local cafeteries, restaurants and pubs. There are the Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open Air Museum and a lot of other culture. Try guided city tours on foot, by bus, or by boat.

Getting around

Stockholm has an excellent public transport system, covering both downtown and the surroundings. For details check the information about ticket options, time tables, etc.. The boats of Waxholmsbolaget take you out to the achipelago. Other boat tours and trips are provided by Strömma.


If you are looking for a hotel downtown, please check general websites for hotel search or directly with the hotel chains of your choice. It can be a challenge to find hotel rooms in Stockholm in summer.

There is also an option to stay at the conference hotel for an additional night after the end of the meeting.